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17.10.17 7 pm Stadthalle MATRIX Tickets

18.10.17 Film Concert EVELYN Tickets


20.10.17 Film Concert GRAF VON BOTHMER: LUTHER  Tickets

21.10.17 7 pm Staatstheater Braunschweig AWARD CEREMONY Tickets


starting SEptember 28th,17 

Universum Filmtheater

  • October 7th till 16th,2017 2pm till 6 pm
  • October 17th,2017 10 am till the start of the last screening

C1 Cinema

  • October 16th,2017 10 am till 6 pm
  • October 17th,2017 10 am till the start of the last screening

Staatstheater Braunschweig

  • for  the Opening Concert and the Award Ceremony
  • Online: www.staatstheater-braunschweig.de
  • Via the ticket-mail-service 0531-1234567 (Mo–Fr 8:00–18:00, Sa 8:00–13:00)
  • Staatstheater Braunschweig and Universum Filmtheater

Tickets for all events at Roter Saal and special events are available on the day of the event only at the door of the event.


  • Single ticket feature film: 8,50 Euro
  • Single ticket the short film programmes: 5 Euro
  • Opening Film Concert: 29 Euro
  • Short Film Breakfeast: 8,50 Euro
  • Film Concerts: 15 Euro (reduced-price ticket 12 Euro)
  • Festival Party: 6 Euro
  • Award ceremony: 15 Euro (reduced-price ticket 12 Euro)


  • Ticket for 5 screenings (transferable): 38 Euro*    
  • Ticket for 10 screenings (transferable): 72 Euro*
  • Festival Pass: 98 Euro (reduced 85 Euro)

    • The festival pass includes the catalogue.
    • The festival pass does NOT include the opening film concert
    • Please bring a festival pass photo!

*Transferrable. Valid for all screenings up to 8,51

Catalogue: 7 Euro

Special Pricing Conditions

Eligible for reductions are school and university students, unemployed, welfare recipients, pensioners, and handicapped on presentation of applicable identification.

All students from Ostfalia Hoschule, the HBK or TU Braunschweig get free entrance to the programmes of the film accademies on presentation of the student identity card.