(orig. A DARK SONG)


Ireland 2016
Language: English
Subtitles: No Subtitles
Genre: Drama, Horror
Director: Liam Gavin
Cinematographer: Cathal Watters
Script: Liam Gavin
Editor: Anna Maria O’Flanagan
Cast: Steve Oram, Catherine Walker, Susan Loughnane, Mark Huberman
Producer: David Collins, Tim Dennison, Cormac Fox
Production Company: Samson Films, Tall Man Films
Music: Ray Harman
Sound: Cristina Aragon, James Anderson Creed, Robert Flanagan
Distributer: Kaleidoscope Film Distribution
Lenght: 99 Min.
Format: DCP
Color: Farbe
Age Limit: <

In an isolated area of Wales, a tormented young woman moves into an old house after her son died. With the help of an occultist, she wishes to contact her dead son. To do so, they isolate themselves completely and painstakingly follow the many steps involved in this ancient rite. A DARK SONG casts aside the tired tropes of witchcraft (rotting spinning heads and dislocated skeletons) in favour of a more modern take. This slow burner relies heavily on the psychological realism of the characters. By leveraging the themes of isolation, paranoia and guilt, Gavin delivers a nerve-wracking thriller, which traumatic conclusion will scar you for life.

  • 19.10.2017 23:30 Universum Saal 2