(orig. MONK)

  • MONK

Netherlands / Belgium 2017
German Premiere
Language: Dutch, Spanish
Subtitles: German
Genre: Comedy, Road Movie, Family Drama
Director: Ties Schenk
Cinematographer: Richard Van Oosterhout
Script: Roosmarijn Roos Rosa
Editor: Stanley Kolk, Axel Skovdal Roelofs
Cast: Teun Stokkel, Olivia Lonsdale, Marina Gatel, Sam Louwyck
Producer: Marleen Slot, Dries Phlypo
Production Company: Viking Film, A Private View
Music: Djurre de Haan
Sound: Seppe van Groeningen
Distributer: Picture Tree International GmbH
Lenght: 74 Min.
Format: DCP
Color: Farbe
Age Limit: <

Monk is 13 years old and a hypochondriac. No wonder: his family doesn`t make it easy for him. Chaos prevails at home because of the sister who is in late puberty testing out her boundaries, the depressive father who shuts himself in his room, as well as the mother who threatens to fall apart owing to the circumstances of her relationship. A death tears them out of their everyday life and forces all four together on a car journey to Spain. The chaos reaches a melting point. It is a tragiccomedy with a strong acting cast and punctuated by so many weird and sensitive moments about a family between neuroses, depression and hysteria. Anyone who likes LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE will more than love MONK



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