(orig. WALD)


Germany 2017
Lower Saxony Premiere
Language: German
Genre: Drama, Coming of Age
Director: Sarah Ben Hardouze
Cinematographer: Teresa Kuhn
Script: Sarah Ben Hardouze
Editor: Sarah Ben Hardouze
Cast: Paula Knüpling, Paul Schlesier, Anwen Ortiz
Producer: Sarah Ben Hardouze
Production Company: HFF München
Music: Paul Schlesier, Birger Schwidop
Sound: Berthold Kröker
Distributer: Denis Machnik
Lenght: 53 Min.
Format: DCP
Color: Farbe
Age Limit: <

At times Anna is happy and open, at other times she is relentless and harsh. Neither her friends nor family suspect that the 18 year old owns a gun and is building a strange hut in the woods. As the woods become her safe place Anna disconnects with the real world. The meets her friends a last time at a concert. She is relaxed as she has made a decision.