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33rd Braunschweig International Film Festival announces programme

+++ “Die Europa” for Mario Adorf +++ Opening film concert “The Piano” +++ Retrospective for Helmut Zerlett +++ 108 films +++ New film award for women “Die TILDA” +++ For the first time four awards from main sponsor Volkswagen Financial Services

Mario Adorf is the star guest of the 33rd International Film Festival Braunschweig (19.-24. November). The festival honours the actor for his outstanding representational accomplishments and merits for the European film culture with the “Europa” award. The award includes prize money of 20.000 Euros and is sponsored by the main sponsor of the festival, Volkswagen Financial Services. Mario Adorf will accept the award on Saturday 23rd November at Großes Haus of the state theatre.

The festival shows a retrospective of seven films, including collaborations with famous directors like Volker Schlöndorff (“Die Blechtrommel”) or Rainer Wernder Fassbinder (“Lola”) and Dominik Wesseleys new documentary “Es hätte schlimmer kommen können – Mario Adorf”, where the companions Senta Berger and Margarethe Trotta have their say.

The program comprises 182 short and 108 feature films and documentaries as well as seven film concerts. Within six days the festival presents over 200 single events, film concerts, lectures, presentations, screenings, among which there are two world, one international and 23 German premieres.

Ten European debut and second films, nine of which are German premieres, compete for two awards in the competition: the “Volkswagen Financial Services Award”, which is awarded by a jury and the audience award “Der Heinrich”. Both awards respectively include a price money of 10.000 Euros and are sponsored by Volkswagen Financial Services.

The festival awards a new award: “Die TILDA”. Eight films compete for the award that includes price money of 5.000 euros for the best directress. It is sponsored by 70 female citizen of Braunschweig and its surroundings. Their goal is to
give more visibility to women in the film industry.

Furthermore the Queer Network Niedersachsen (QNN) awards the “Queer Film Award Niedersachsen”, which includes project funding of 5.000 Euros. The Oeding Unternehmensgruppe sponsors the “Green Horizons Award”, which includes price money of 2.500 Euros for the best film on the subject of sustainability. For the second time a group of film friends from Braunschweig sponsors the “Braunschweiger Filmpreis” for the best newcomer actor/actress of the section “Neue Deutsche Filme”, which includes price money of 3.000 Euros.

A jury of six young Germans and French people awards the German-French KINEMA youth award for the best debut film from Germany or France.
The KINEMA award is sponsored by the Land Niedersachsen, Académie de Rouen, the Deutsch-Französische Jugendwerk, die Stiftungen Friedrich Walz, die Antenne métropole und das Institut Français Bremen. For the first time Volkswagen Financial Services sponsors the “Heimspiel” award for the best film from this/the region, which includes price money of 1.000 Euros. So the film festival awards price money totalling 58.500 Euros.

The “Weiße Löwe” for lifetime achievement of a contemporary film composer is awarded to Helmut Zerlett. To date, the composer, band leader and keyboarder from Cologne, composed the music for 22 feature films, 28 TV films and more than 90 TV series episodes. The festival honours him with a film section including among others the undisclosed Tatort “Die Guten und die Bösen”, in which Hannelore Elsner can be seen in her last ever role. Furthermore Helmut Zerlett together with the state orchestra Braunschweig and the “Akademix”, band of the German film academy, plays a portrait concert with suites of his film music. The portrait concert is supported by Stiftung Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz.

With this Helmut Zerlett is in focus of the music film festival “FxM: Film meets Music”, which comprises seven film concerts. For the first time, BIFF presents a interactive video game concert “Stories: The Path of Destinies” – Live-to-Game where the state orchestra is conducted by Rodrigo Lopez Klingenfuss. The concert is a cooperation with Soundtrack-Cologne and Next Level – Festival for Games. The Stiftung Braunschweiger Land supports the silent film concert “The Home Maker” of the French electro pop group “The Penelopes”. At the Sharoun Theater in Wolfsburg Helmut Imig conducts the German film orchestra Babelsberg to the silent film concert “Ausgerechnet Wolkenkratzer!” with Harold Lloyd. With the Edgar Allan Poe tribute “Silent Poe” by Jakob Gardemann and Christoph Seelinger as well as with the film concert “Wellenvorm & Patrick Müller” electronic music is also on the programme.

In other sections the BIFF shows “Neues Internationales Kino”, shines light on the nest arthouse cinema season, presents the current status of “Neue deutsche Filme”, shows the excesses of social media consumption in the section “Beyond: Self Display”, depicts current music documentaries in the section “Sound on Screen – festival edition” and offers a platform to women, who are underrepresented in horror and genre films, with the section “Bloody Women at Midnight”.

Within the context of the “Industry Days”, among others, laywer Florian Glatz informs about “Blockchain in der Filmindustrie”, producer Frauke Korbmüller reports on her work on “Systemsprenger” and journalist Birgit Heidsiek presents “Grüne Filmproduktion”.

With the project “Spät-Vorstellung: 30 Jahre danach – Wende Flicks und mehr” the festival recalls the time of the turnaround from an Eastern German perspective. The project comprises a six piece film section of the years 1982 to 2018 – from “Märkische Forschungen” by Roland Gräf to “Gundermann” by Andreas Dresens – the photo exhibition “Meine LAST PICTURE SHOW” including works of director and cinematographer Roland Gräf as well as the theatre play “Jutta Wachowiak erzählt Jurassic Park”, which is already on the 1st and 2nd of November at the state theatre.

The film festival opens with the German premiere of the film concert “The Piano – Live in Concert” at the Stadthalle Braunschweig. The state orchestra Braunschweig conducted by Andrew Berryman plays the music of Michael Nyman of the multi-award winning film of directress Jane Campion.

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