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30th Braunschweig International Film Festival announces award winners

+++ "The Europa” for Brendan Gleeson +++ audience award “The Heinrich” for “The Paradise Suite” by Joost van Ginkel +++ French-German Youth award KINEMA to “A Taste of Ink” by Morgan Simon +++ film composer Patrick Doyle received “White Lion” award +++ “Black Lion” to “Lantouri” by Reza Dormishian +++ “Dexit” wins “The Four Golden Lime Trees”

The 30th Braunschweig International Film Festival awarded six prizes on Saturday night, three of them for the first time. Brendan Gleeson received the festival’s main award, the “Europa”. The festival honored the Irish actor for his outstanding performances and his contribution to European film culture. The award comes with a prize money of 15.000 Euros, donated by Volkswagen Financial Services.

The audience competition for the “Heinrich”, the award for the best European debut or second feature film, won the Dutch-Swedish-Bulgarian production „The Paradise Suite“ (distribution: Media Luna New Films). Director Joost van Ginkels drama about six people from six different countries whose ways cross in Amsterdam, was screened as a German premiere in Braunschweig. The prize money of 10.000 Euros is donated by the festival’s main sponsor Volkswagen Financial Services. Out of the ten films in competition nine were German premieres.

The French-German Youth award KINEMA was awarded to „A Taste of Ink“ by director Morgan Simon. The father-son-drama (distribution: Versatile) celebrated its German premiere. The prize was awarded by a young jury of two German and three French people aged 16 to 17.


Two new lions and “Four Golden Lime Trees”

Film composer Patrick Doyle is the first award winner of the “White Lion”. Das Festival awarded the new prize for the lifetime achievement of an important contemporary film composer. The festival honored the Scottish composer with the retrospective of the “Music & Film” section including eight films from the years 1989 to 2015. Furthermore Doyle presented the German premiere of the silent film concert „It”, a love comedy by Clarence Badger from 1927.

Another new award was the „Black Lion“ for the best film of the “Beyond” section. This program is devoted to an exciting new cinema taking visual or thematic risks. First award winner of the „Black Lion“ is the Iranian film “Lantouri“ (distribution: Iranian Independents) by director Reza Dormishian.

The jury with Russian director and producer Lika Alekseeva, German producer Andrea Staerke and director-producer Huan Vu selected the Iranian Robin Hood story from eight international productions. The prize with a purse of 2.500 Euro is funded by Volkswagen Financial Services.

The third new prize, “The Four Golden Lime Trees“ for the best film of the “Home Match” programme was awarded to “Dexit”. The jury – Marc Fehse, head of the Cinestrange festival, Leon Kluth from Braunschweiger Sommerkino and blogger Stefanie Krause of kult-tour-bs.de decided upon the dystopic drama by director Lars Jordan that was screened as a world premiere. The award comes with a prize money of 1.000 Euro.

The award ceremony took place on Saturday, November 12, 2016 in the big hall of the Staatstheater Braunschweig.


Winner films:


The audience competition for the “Heinrich”, the award for the best European debut or second feature film:

„The Paradise Suite“

Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria 2015, 122 Min., Color
Director  & Screenwriter: Joost van Ginkel
Camera: Andreas Lennartsson FSF
Editor: Bob Soetekouw, Teun Rietveld,
Wouter van Luijn, Joost van Ginkel
Music: Bram Meindersma, Alexander Doychev
Sound: Antoin Cox
Actors: Issaka Sawadogo, Jasna Djuricic, Magnus Krepper, Anjela Nedyalkova, Boris Isakovic, Erik Adelow
Production: Ellen Havenith, Jeroen Beker
Distribution: Media Luna New Films

Amsterdam – here cross the paths of several people, who for very different reasons end up in the Dutch capital: The young Bulgarian Jenya, whose trip to the West is different to what she expected or Yaya from Africa, who somehow muddles through. A Serbian war criminal’s past catches up with him. Whereas Seka from Bosnia can`t forget the past and is out for revenge. And then there is Lukas, the little piano virtuoso from Sweden. Fantastic ensemble of actors and a masterfully interwoven story, which keeps us engrossed until the last minute and shows the at times unscrupulous society we live in.

The French-German Youth award KINEMA

„A Taste of Ink“ (OT: Compte tes blessures)

France 2016, 80 Min., Color
Director  & Screenwriter: Morgan Simon
Camera: Julien Poupard
Music: Selim Aymard, Julien Krug
Sound: Mathieu Villien
Actors: Kevin Azais, Monia Chokri, Nathan Willcocks
Production: Jean-Christophe Reymond, Amaury Ovise
Distribution: Versatile

“I’ve lost my head. I’m so afraid. I’ve lost my head. I’m lost. Can someone take me away?” screams Vincent as the lead singer of a hardcore punk band into the microphone. Vincent is a disappointment for his father. He is mid-twenties, his body covered in tattoos, he struggles along with a dismal job as a body-piercer, does not have enough money to move out of home and has not yet got over the recent death of his mother. When his father again begins to date a much younger woman, a mayhem of feelings arise on all fronts. Their search for love and recognition makes both men into rivals. An intelligent father-son drama about a disjointed young man and his lethargic father.

„Black Lion“ for the best film of the “Beyond” section


Iran 2016, 115 Min., Color
Director , Screenwriter & Producer: Reza Dormishian
Camera: Ashkan Ashkani
Music: Kayhan Kalhor
Sound: Saied Bojnoordi
Actors: Reza Dormishian
Distribution: Iranian Independents

Innovatively related story from Iran: a Robin Hood story which turns into a story about spurned love, revenge, guilt and forgiveness. At the beginning, you think you are watching a documentary film which wants to be fair to all sides: members of the street gang Lantouri confess to robberies and blackmail which are directed against rich profiteers of the system. Then Pasha comes into the limelight with his obsession for Maryam. She is an activist who is in charge of the NO TO VIOLENCE campaign. As she does not listen to Pasha, the latter throws acid over Maryam and she loses her sight. After the gang has been arrested, she is to take revenge according to Iranian law. How will she decide?

“The Four Golden Lime Trees“ for the best film of the “Home Match” section

„Dexit “

Germany 2016, 126 Min., Color
Director  & Screenwriter: Lars Jordan
Camera: Ignacio Hennigs
Music: Lars Jordan, DJ Baby Tiger u.a.
Actors: Jarah- Maria Anders, Marcel A. Heizmann, Kristina Kostiv
Production: LowDefinitionFilms

Germany in the near future: The country has been shaken by a serious crisis. Lisa, Agatha, Ronny the driver and Hojo the dog, form a car pool and are driving in a small bus, when for reasons unknown the entire communication network breaks down. After they have been violently chased away from a petrol station, their fuel runs out the next day – disorientated with only a little food in plastic bags, they have to continue on foot. Hunted down by hostile country locals, they hide in the woods. Within hours they have changed from being travellers to become refugees in their own country. Not all of them survive this lead up to a civil war.

The Braunschweig International Film Festival is supported by:

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