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Award Winners of the 32nd Braunschweig International Film Festival

+++ The ‘Europa’ for Sandrine Bonnaire +++ audience award ‘Der Heinrich’ for ‘Sir’ by Rohena Gera +++ Volkswagen Financial Services film prize to ‘X – The Exploited’ by Károly Ujj Mászáros +++ Green Horizons Award to Jasmin Herold and Michael Beamish for ‘Dark Eden’ +++ Braunschweiger film prize to Anna Suk +++ Queerer Filmpreis Niedersachsen (Queer Movie award of Lower Saxony) for ‘Nina’ von Olga Chajdas +++ german-french youth award ‘KINEMA” to ‘Blue My Mind’ by Lisa Brühlmann+++ ‘Weißer Löwe’ (White Lion) for filmcomposer Irmin Schmidt +++ ‘My Favourite Fabric’ by Gaya Jiji wins ‘Die Goldenen Vier Linden’


Braunschweig International Film Festival will award nine prizes during the big award ceremony at the Staatstheater Braunschweig at 7:00 pm – four of them for the first time. 


The ‘Europa’ for Sandrine Bonnaire
The festival’s main prize, the ‘Europa’, goes to Sandrine Bonnaire. The festival is awarding  the french actress for her outstanding artistic performance and contribution to the European film culture. The price, which is endowed with 20.000 euro, is sponsored by Volkswagen Financial Services. Sandrine Bonnaire will personally accept the prize. The laudatio will be held by film publicist Horst Peter Koll.


The ‘White Lion’ (Der ‘Weiße Löwe’)
The ‘White Lion’, the lifetime award for internationally acclaimed composers goes to Irmin Schmidt, founder of the legendary band CAN. Schmidt presented the german premiere of his ‘CAN-DIALOGUE for large orchestra’ with the Staatsorchester Braunschweig at the festival. Composer Gregor Schwellenbach will hold the laudatory speech.


Audience Award ‘Der Heinrich’
For the first time all ten competing films in the ‘Heinrich’ section were german premieres. Winner of the audience award for european debut or second feature films is female director Rohena Gera with ‘SIR’ (‘DIE SCHNEIDERIN DER TRÄUME’, distribution company: Neue Visionen). The indian-french coproduction tells the love story of domestic servant Ratna and her wealthy employer Ashwin against the background of deep-rooted class differences of indian society.The prize, endowed with 10.000 euro, is sponsored by the festival’s main sponsor Volkswagen Financial Services. The prize money is equally divided between the director and the german distributor. 


Volkswagen Financial Services film prize
The first winner of the Volkswagen Financial Services film prize, which is endowed with 10.000 euro, is ‘X – The Exploited’ by Károly Ujj Mászáros. The Hungarian production about a policewoman, who investigates in series of polit murders, impressed the jury consisting of polish journalist and youtuber Kaja Klimek, german director Ingo Haeb, Spanish video artist Miguel L. López Mora (Digital21) and Dr. Frank Woesthoff, Head of Corporate Communications of Volkswagen Financial Services. The jury was impressed by a an extremely dense, always surprising arc of tension and their big love to detail.


Queer Movie Award of Lower Saxony (Queerer Filmpreis Niedersachsen)
The polish director Olga Chajdas wins with ‘Nina’ the ‘Queer Movie Award of Lower Saxony (‘Queeren Filmpreis Niedersachsen’). The prize is awarded at the Braunschweig International Film Festival for the first time. The jury consisting of Hans Hengelein (Lowe Saxonian Ministry of Social Matters, Health and Equality), Christopher Kühne (Perlen Team in Hanover), Jessica Lach (State coordinator in the QNN), Mara Otterbein (Trans* in Lower Saxony), Lucie Veith (Network coordinator for the interests of intersexual people in Lower Saxony) und Stefan Olsdal (Bassist of the alternative rock band Placebo), chose the portrait of a strong woman, which breaks the clichée of the ’lesbian film’ by not being romantic and warm. The prize money of 5.000 euro is devided equally between the director and the distributor to support queer filming work. 


Green Horizons Award
The ‘Green Horizons Award’ for the best film regarding sustainability is endowed with 2.500 euro and also awarded for the first time. The jury including director Antje Hubert, Aline Hische & Johannes Skowron (Re-Athlete) and Roland Makulla (Oeding) chose ‘Dark Eden’ by Jasmin Herold and Michael Beamish, a dark documentary about Fort McMurray, city and centre of tar extraction in the Canadian province of Alberta. 

‘With clever dramaturgy and hauntig scenes, the filmmakers make us understand the survival strategy of the protagonists and to read it as a parable for the state of this world. Dark Eden is a film that remains in our memories. Excitingly told, […] and is therefore a valuable contribution for all of those who care about this world and want to contribute to its salvation’ says the jury. The section ‘Green Horizons’ is sponsored by Unternehmensgruppe Oeding. 


German-french youth award KINEMA 
The german-french youth award KINEMA went to ‘Blue My Mind’ by director Lisa Brühlmann. The swiss production (distribution company: tellfilm GmbH) about a 15-year-old girl who experiences a strange physical transformation, excited the jury with its metaphoric interpretations, a great dubbing and excellent performances. A six-member jury made up of young French and German, aged between 16 and 17 selected the winner. The prize is supported i.a. by the State of Lower Saxony and the German-French Youth Organisation. 


The golden four lime trees (Die Goldenen Vier Linden)
‘Die Goldenen Vier Linden’ for the best film in the ‘Homematch’ section was awarded to  ‘My Favourite Fabric’ by Gaya Jiji. SUBWAY chief editor Benyamin Bahri, director and prior winner Nora Fingscheidt and actress and director Elda Sorra apperead by the film music, wich was composed by native Braunschweiger Peer Kleinschmidt for the story of a 25-year-old in  Damascus  in 2011. The price money amounts 1.000 euro.


The award ceremony takes place on Saturday the 10th  November 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Großes Haus of the Staatstheater Braunschweig. The 32nd Braunschweig International Film Festival ends on Sunday the 11th November with the projection of the audience award winner ‘Sir” at 7:00 pm in the C1 Cinema 1.