Award winners of the 34th Braunschweig International Film Festival

+++ Audience Award "The Heinrich" for "The Dazzled" by Sarah Suco +++ Volkswagen Financial Services Film Award for "I Never Cry" by Piotr Domalewski +++ Green Horizons Award goes to Carsten Rau for "Nuclear Forever" +++ "Die TILDA" goes to Charlène Favier for "Slalom" +++ Braunschweig Film Award goes to actor Tucké Royale

The winners of the 34th Braunschweig International Film Festival are announced! The audience award Der Heinrich goes to French director Sarah Suco for "The Dazzled". The jury presents the Volkswagen Financial Services Award to Polish director Piotr Domalewski for his coming-of-age drama "I never cry". Both prizes of € 10,000 each are supported by the festival’s main sponsor.
A special mention of the jury goes to "Mosquito" von Regisseur João Nuno Pinto as well as to "Cat in the Wall" by Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova.

French director Charlène Favier receives the women’s film award Die TILDA, worth € 5,000, for her athlete-drama  „Slalom“. The Braunschweig Film Award of € 4,000 goes to actor Tucké Royale for his performance as Markus in Johannes Maria Schmit’s film "Neubau" by Johannes Maria Schmit. The Green Horizons Award of € 2,500, granted to the best sustainability-themed film, goes toGerman director  Carsten Rau for "Nuclear Forever".

Markus Lenz’ film "Rival", which was shot in Braunschweig, wins the Home Match Prize for the best film with a link to our region . The prize money of € 1,000 is donated by Volkswagen Financial Services.
The winner of the German-French youth award KINEMA will be announced next week.
Within the framework of its first online edition, the 34th Braunschweig International Film Festival awards 7 prizes totalling € 33,500.

The winner of the German-French youth award KINEMA will be announced next week.

Within the framework of its first online edition, the 34th Braunschweig International Film Festival awards 7 prizes totalling € 33,500.

Audience award Der Heinrich: "The Dazzled" by Sarah Suco
French director Sarah Suco wins the audience award for "The Dazzled" (original title: Les Éblouis), the award is granted to the best European debut or second film. Suco’s film tells the story of the rebellion of 14-year old Camille whose parents fall under the spell of a religious community.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Volkswagen Financial Services Film Award: "I Never Cry" by Piotr Domalewski
Winner of the Volkswagen Financial Services Award endowed with a prize money of € 10,000 is "I Never Cry" by Piotr Domalewski. “We fell in love with a coming-of-age story that questions the immigrant workers fate in Europe through the eye of an angry daughter. For its deep and personal point of view, for the sensitivity of its directing and the wonderful performance of its actress, for its emotion and its empathy towards its outcast characters, it is with enthusiasm that we attribute the "Volkswagen Financial Services Film Award" to "I Never Cry"  directed by Piotr Domalewski, a director of whom we wait for the next feature film”, the jury explained the decision.
Members of the jury were the Georgian director Mariam Khatchvani, the French director Morgan Simon and Dr. Frank Woesthoff, head of corporate communications of the Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

In addition, the jury awarded two special mentions. The first goes to Portuguese director João Nuno Pinto and his film "Mosquito", "for his true cinematic ambition to tell a fable about the colonisation in Africa through the eye of a Portuguese soldier." The second special mention goes to "Cat in the Wall" by Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova. The jury was touched how “this first feature questions the social issues of the working class in UK and talks about what brings us together no matter what our culture is.”

Die TILDA for "Slalom" by Charlène Favier
Die TILDA, the women’s film award endowed with a prize money of € 5,000, is awarded to "Slalom" by Charlène Favier. The jury’s statement:
"With great empathy, complexity and persuasive power, French director and screen writer Charlène Favier uncovers the malicious mechanisms of abuse in her story about a ski instructor and his 15-year old student: the power position of the successful coach who uses a mix of pressure, criticism, praise and favoritism to  control the young woman; the insecurity of the adolescent whose absent mother and missing father figure make her susceptible to male recognition so that she seemingly accepts her coach’s transgressions; the presumption that the young woman is partly responsible for her abuse. But the almost fairytale-like snow scenes reveal what the teenager is truly looking for.
Yet, instead of the beauty, harmony and love, she finds herself in an abyss of sexual exploitation which nearly destroys her. When her dream of winning the skiing-race comes true, she feels no happiness, just emptiness. Only then she manages, with the support of her friend and her mother, to dissociate herself from her coach and end the abuse. Favier’s debut film stands out through its subtle dramaturgy, its camera work with its closeness to the main character, the remarkable acting performance, and its strong emancipatory message.”

Jury members were Prof. Heike Klippel (HBK Braunschweig), Borjana Gaković (Bundesverband Kommunale Filmarbeit/ Federal Association of Communal Film Work), Kirsi Liimatainen (director and actress) as well as the two prize donors, Margrit Lang and Dr. Wiebke Westermeyer. With this award, the 65 donors, all of them from Braunschweig, intend to draw attention to the diversity of female filmmakers.

The Braunschweig Film Award for best emerging actor/actress goes to Tucké Royale for his performance as Markus in “Neubau”
Actor Tucké Royale wins the Braunschweig Film Award 2020 for his performance as Markus in "Neubau", directed by Johannes Maria Schmit. The jury consisted of actress Anna Suk, actor Julius Feldmeier and award donor Klaus Buhlmann. They explained their decision:
""Neubau" is a queer 'Gesamtkunstwerk' from Uckermark (North-Eastern Brandenburg, Germany). This socially relevant film captivates the audience with its steady, minimalist camera work. Governed by conscientiousness and loving compassion, the main character Markus often radiates great sadness and melancholy when he dives into daydreams to ease his yearning to belong and to live freely.
Tucké Royale’s portrait of Markus is compelling, and he equips him with extraordinary placidity that inspires us and creates a degree of empathy that lasts long after the film has ended.We all agree: Please continue to make movies Tucké!”                                                                         
The Braunschweig Film Award is donated by a group of cineastes from Braunschweig.                                                                                          

Green Horizons Award for „Nuclear Forever “by Carsten Rau

The Green Horizons Award 2020 for the best documentary on sustainability issues goes to "Nuclear Forever" by Carsten Rau. The jury’s statement:
“The jury commended this beautifully shot and edited film for the calm and objective way in which it discusses the difficult issues that continue to arise out of the contrasting nuclear energy policies of Germany and France. Access to several of the major sites involved, in both countries, allows us to sample a variety of expert viewpoints – technical, economic and political – concerning the respective advantages and disadvantages of either national system. In bringing forward a series of strong voices at plant and community level, in an open-minded way, the film invites the audience to come to its own conclusions on a vital and complex issue of our time.”

Special mention
of the jury goes to Deia Schlosberg’s documentary film "The Story of Plastic", for its “elegance, lucidity and overall power of argument”.
The jury included French director Martin Boudot, winner of the Green Horizon Award 2019, Wolfgang Saam, German managing director of Klimaschutz-Unternehmen e.V. (Climate Protection – Companies) and British writer and critic Mark Le Fanu.

„Rival “by Marcus Lenz wins the Heimspiel (Home Match) Award for the best film with a link to our region
Die Home Match-jury members Angela Kleinhans (head of sponsoring, Volkswagen Financial Services AG), filmmaker Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss (winner of the Home Match Award and the women’s award TILDA 2019)  and director and writer Kristina Schippling awarded the Home Match prize of € 1,000 to the film drama "Rival", directed by Marcus Lenz.

The Jury was captivated by ”the almost magical authenticity of the actresses and actors, brought out by director Marcus Lenz, convinced the jury. With great skill, the filmmaker explores pressing political themes via a family drama told from the – carefully crafted – perspective of a Ukrainian boy who follows his illegally working mother to Germany. The film captures the audience with its unorthodox, at times provocative imagery. In a unique way, the filmmaker succeeds to use the landscape of Lower Saxony as powerful setting for his film.”

The jury awards a special mention to 18-year old filmmaker Victor Gütay with his independent film “In My Shadow” (Mein Schatten über mir}. Gütay is an astonishing all-round talent: His multi-facetted and insightful film in which he acted as director, producer, cinematographer, screenwriter, editor, and composer, is a truly remarkable debut. With their special mention, the jury members encourage Gütay to continue his path as filmmaker.

The Home Match Award is supported by Volkswagen Financial Services.

Depending on the state of the pandemic, the festival plans to present the winning films in presence of the awardees in the movie theatre in spring 2021, as soon as such events are safe again.

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