Passes (5-ticket pass, 10-ticket pass)

Online sale of 5-ticket and 10-ticket passes for face-to-face events

You can purchase our passes (5-ticket pass, 10-ticket pass) online and convert them online into regular tickets for the events on site.

Please note that these are not valid for our streaming platform. Separate conditions apply for our Online festival.

Please inform yourself about the currently applicable hygiene regulations of the respective venue before purchase (hygiene concepts).


Information on 5-ticket and 10-ticket

5-ticket and 10-ticket passes:

1. 5-ticket and 10-ticket passes can be redeemed for up to 5 or 10 tickets worth up to €9.01 at the 36th Braunschweig International Film Festival. Tickets can be redeemed individually for different events or collectively for one event. 5-ticket and 10-ticket passes can also be redeemed for other events, e.g. children's screenings (€4,50).

2. There is no entitlementspecial events (opening, concerts, short film breakfast etc.).

3. If an event is cancelled, e.g. due to a technical malfunction, for which a ticket has already been validated, a replacement will be refunded in the form of a free ticket for the 36th Braunschweig International Film Festival. A cash payment will not be made.

4. The pass is transferable.

5. Exchange is excluded.

6. A payout of the value of any remaining tickets is excluded.

7. Remaining tickets which have not been redeemed expire on November 14, 2022.

8. The General Terms and Conditions of Business apply.


Buy 5-ticket and10-ticket in the online shop:

Please note that a service fee of €2 per online transaction applies. This fee is not charged at the regular Filmfest box office.

1) Go to and look for our web shop under Ticketing in the top right-hand corner.

2) You must register before making your first purchase. The tickets will be sent to you by email after each purchase. Please note that you must first purchase a pass and after receiving the promotional code in the confirmation email, you can redeem it for tickets accordingly. The pass is not valid on its own. It must always be redeemed for the corresponding event tickets. The pass can be redeemed at the advance booking offices or online.

3) Then enter the corresponding pass in the search or click on the respective link here: 5-ticket pass, 10-ticket pass.

4) Now enter the number of passes you want. For example, you can also purchase two 10-ticket passes or one 5-ticket pass and one 10-ticket pass.

Redeem for regular tickets in the web shop:

Please note that a service fee of €2 per online transaction applies. This fee is not charged at the regular Filmfest box office.

1) Select an event at under Programme and then click on Ticket behind the desired date.

2) You will now be redirected to the desired film in our online shop. Enter your 13-digit ticket code, which you will find on the left under or next to the barcode on your 5-ticket/10-ticketunder "Action code" and click on: redeem.

3) Now specify how many tickets you would like to purchase for the event and how many you would like to book with which voucher. Example: You would like to book a film with your 5-ticket pass and additionally book one normal ticket for your companion: 1x redemption 5-ticket pass and 1x normal price.

4) You can now order your ticket as a guest or create an account for further orders. You can choose how you would like to receive your ticket. After receipt of payment, you will receive print@home tickets in an e-mail, both for printing and as a mobile ticket.