Ten international productions compete for the women’s film award „Die Tilda”. This award of € 5,000, donated by 65 women from Braunschweig’s urban society, wants to draw attention to female filmmakers in all their diversity. The internationally announced award honors diversity in every cinematic respect, be it genre, storytelling style, or narrative material, but also the diversity of the filmmakers themselves; It is aimed at women of every colour, culture, religion, and sexual orientation. Another objective is to promote female filmmakers who are at the beginning of their carrier and whose work has not yet found the attention it deserves.


The Nominees

1. Charter (Sweden, Denmark, Norway 2020) by Amanda Kernell

2. Cat in the Wall (Bulgaria, United Kingdom, France 2019) by Mina Mileva, Vesela Kazakova

3. The Planters (USA 2019) by Hannah Leder, Alexandra Kotcheff

4. Hope (Norway 2019) by Maria Sødahl

5. Slalom (France 2020) by Charlène Favier

6. Walchensee Forever (Germany 2020) by Janna Ji Wonders

7. Al-Shafaq – Wenn der Himmel sich spaltet (Swiss 2019) by Esen Işik

8. The Euphoria of Being (Hungary 2019) by Réka Szabó

9. My Dearest Sister (Canada, Japan 2018) by Kyoka Tsukamoto

10. The Story of Plastic (USA, Belgium, China, India, Indonesia, The Philippines 2019) by Deia Schlosberg