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  • _Information: German Angst - At Midnight


The sunny Cannes` beach was peaceful during the famed film festival. Sharks, bloodsuckers and other monsters dressed in fancy suits gathered at the beach pavilion`s patio while discussing future film projects and financing. Surrounded by this suiting setting Michal Kosakowski, director and producer, informed me about his portmanteau film GERMAN ANGST that he had been working on with Jörg Buttgereit and Andreas Marschall. The highly anticipated film is a fascinating horror anthology that depicts urban nightmares and envisions German horror in a new light. The directors are renown for their mystery horror that reaches out to the forgotten German expressionist horror tradition of the 20th. While in Cannes we grasped the opportunity and invited the trio to curate the section GERMAN ANGST that gives an insight into the directors` horrifying motivation and scary idols. Of course the trio will be present and will personally recount the GERMAN ANGST shooting.