Der geraubte Wald

(orig. Wood: Game-Changers Undercover)

  • Der geraubte Wald

Austria, Germany, Romania 2020Language:English, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, SpanishSubtitles:GermanDirector:Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst, Ebba SinzingerWriter:Monica Lãzurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst, Ebba SinzingerCinematographer:Attila Boa, Jakob Bejnarowicz, Jörg BurgerEditor:Roland Stöttinger, Andrea WagnerMusic:Sonic YouthSound:Simon BastianProducer:Ebba Sinzinger, Vincent Lucassen, Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Adrian Sitaru, Thomas TielschProduction Company:filmtank GmbHDistributor:Magnetfilm GmbH97 min, Colour

Whether in the Siberian taiga, the ancient woods of Transylvania, or the tropical rain forest: Illegal logging is a global multi-billion-dollar business. And consumers are happy to pay low prices at hardware stores and furniture shops. For years, Alexander von Bismarck - descendant of the first chancellor of the German Empire Otto von Bismarck – has investigated the timber mafia for the Environmental Investigation Agency in Washington. Neither does he shy away from changing his identity and appearance nor from using hidden devices to uncover the sinister machinations of the timber mafia. This eye-opening investigational documentary follows Bismarck and his comrades-in-arms as they set out to unmask the profiteers.

Director's Biography:Monica Lǎzurean-Gorgan, Michaela Kirst and Ebba Sinzinger are documentary filmmakers and producers. WOOD is their first collaboration; the film is based on an idea by Monica Lǎzurean-Gorgan.