Excess Will Save Us

(orig. Excess Will Save Us)

  • Excess Will Save Us

Sweden, France 2018Language:FrenchSubtitles:EnglishDirector:Morgane Dziurla-PetitWriter:Morgane Dziurla-PetitCinematographer:Filip LymanEditor:Patrik ForsellSound:Anders KwarnmarkWith:Patrick PetitProducer:Fredrik Lange, Ami EkströmProduction Company:Vilda Bomben Film ABDistributor:European Film Academy e. V.14 min, Colour

A small village in the North of France. The concurrence of two events trigger an attack alert: the start of the hunting season and an argument between two drunken Polish workers.

Director's Biography:Born in France, she studied Cinema at La Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, and then Film Production in Cannes. Lives since 2017 in sweden, where she always creates new narratives, crossing the borders between documentary and fiction.