(orig. Goud)

  • Gold

German PremiereNetherlands 2020Language:DutchSubtitles:German, EnglishDirector:Rogier HespWriter:Anne HofhuisCinematographer:Myrthe MostermanEditor:Godelinde Polman, Imre ReutelingspergerSound:Evelien van der MolenWith:David Wristers, Marcel Hensema, Loes HaverkortProducer:Frank Hoeve, Katja DraaijerProduction Company:BALDR FilmDistributor:BALDR Film90 min, Colour

The exceptionally talented young gymnast Timo and his paraplegic father Ward share the same dream: To win an Olympic gold medal. But when Timo meets the physiotherapist Irene, he develops feelings which jeopardize his dreams and distance him from his father. This emphatic coming-of age story is neither about athletic performances nor about a triumphant winner. Instead, it focusses on Timo’s quest for identity as he tries to escape the pressure from his father and to make his own decisions. “It is a film about the other side of the medal”, says director Rogier Hesp about his feature film debut.

Director's Biography:Rogier Hesp, born 1985, graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy in 2008. In addition to short films, he shot numerous award-winning commercials. His feature film debut GOLD premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.