(orig. Služobníci)

  • Servants

Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Ireland 2020Language:SlovakSubtitles:EnglishDirector:Ivan OstrochovskýWriter:Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Marek Lescák, Ivan OstrochovskýCinematographer:Juraj ChlpikEditor:Jan Danhel, Martin Malo, Maros SlapetaSound:Tobias PotocnyWith:Samuel Skyva, Samuel Polakovic, Vlad IvanovProducer:Ivan Ostrochovský, Albert Malinovsky, Katarina TomkovaProduction Company:Punkchart FilmsDistributor:Loco Films80 min, Black and white

During the 1980’s, two Catholic seminarists have to face the reality of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia. They must decide whether to remain true to their idealism and vocation, or whether to bow to the pressure of the secret service. SERVANTS is a formally stunning film, shot in black-and-white in style of the film noir. A suspenseful, visually intriguing thriller which leads us into the cold environment of a seminary. “We thought this story to be relevant in a time where media, politicians, and preachers intimidate the society from all possible sides and people live in fear of the future”, explains director Ivan Ostrochovský.

Director's Biography:Ivan Ostrochovský was born in Žilina, Slovakia, in 1972. In 2014, after several short films and series, his documentary film debut VELVET TERRORISTS won several prizes at the Berlinale. The following year, the Berlinale awarded multiple prizes to his feature film debut KOZA.