(orig. Já-Fólkið)

  • Yes-People

Iceland 2020Language:No DialogueDirector:Gísli Darri HalldórssonWriter:Gísli Darri HalldórssonEditor:Gísli Darri HalldórssonSound:Huldar Freyr ArnarsonProducer:Arnar Gunnarsson, Gísli Darri HalldórssonProduction Company:CAOZ LtdDistributor:Icelandic Film Centre8 min, Colour

In how many ways can one say “yes”? In this animated film full of slapstick, the different accentuations of a single word create the interactions in an apartment building. “The voice has more weight than the word”, says Gísli Darri Halldórsson.

Director's Biography:In 2007, Gisli Darri graduated from the Irish School of Animation in Dublin. He works on his own films and as an animator for other productions (such as THOR in 2011).