Jury 2018


Alina Hische (25) and Johannes Skowron ( 24) are the founders of the social startup "Re-Athlete". It has been already two years since the two students started selling recycled Sportswear made out of ocean trash. They unite sustainability and sport with regional production of goods

Antje Hubert

Born in Celle in Niedersachsen. She studied Arts and History in Braunschweig and Kiel. Until 2016 she was director, producer and chief executive in the filmproduction GbR. Since 2018 Antje Hubert created her own label mairafilm and produces films.

Roland Makulla

Born in Braunschweig, he returned after various stations abroad in 2007 to the Löwenstadt, made a career change and took over the quality and sustainability management at oeding print GmbH and stands with great personal conviction behind the transformation of the company into one of the "greenest" printing houses in Germany.