(orig. J'ACCUSE!)


France 1919
Language: French Intertitles
Subtitles: German
Genre: Drama, War, Silent film
Director: Abel Gance
Cinematographer: Marc Bujard, Léonce-Henri Burel, Maurice Forster
Script: Abel Gance
Editor: Andrée Danis, Abel Gance
Cast: Romuald Joubé, Maxime Desjardins, Séverin-Mars
Producer: Charles Pathé
Production Company: Pathé Frères
Music: Stephan Graf v. Bothmer
Distributor: Lobster Films
Lenght: 165 Min.
Format: DCP
Color: SW
Age Limit: <

Edith is caught between her husband, the rough Francois, and her love, the poet Jean. In the war, both men end up in the same company. When Edith is abducted by the Germans, the rivals have to work together. A deep friendship begins to grow – but this is put to a tough test. Gance condenses the indescribable horrors of war in the destiny of the three protaganists. His elaborate film epos J`ACCUSE is technically innovative, even experimental, with images between the apocalypse and enlightenment. The film was still a box-office success all over Europe. Abel Gance touched the nerve of the audiences with his pacifist message. 4K restoration with Stephan von Bothmer live on the piano. Supported by the city of Brunswick.



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