Film Sections 2018

Feature Film Sections

A Please chose General feature submission for the following sections

Depending on origin, content and language the festival will assign either sections

  • »Beyond«, also competition for the award »DER SCHWARZE LÖWE«
  • »New German Films«
  • »New International Cinema« 
  • »Green Horizons«
  • »Music and Film« 

B Please chose a specific section if your film complies with our rules or regulations for the competitions

  • competition for the award »DER HEINRICH« 
  • competition for the German-French Youth Award »KINEMA« 
  • »Home Match«, also competition for the award »DIE GOLDENEN VIER LINDEN«

Short Film Sections

A Please chose General short film submission for any film and select a genre

  •  »General short film submission« 

B Please chose »Home Match« if your film is from the region Braunschweig

Films may be submitted for different categories at the same time, as long they comply with all regulations that apply. The festival direction reserves the right to assign submitted films to other sections within the festival curation as well as the right to not select submissions.