Romania / France 2017
German Premiere
Language: Romanian
Subtitles: German
Genre: Tragic Comedy
Director: Andrei Cretulescu
Cinematographer: Barbu Balasoiu
Script: Andrei Cretulescu
Editor: Catalin Cristuti
Cast: Serban Pavlu, Radu Iacoban, Victor Rebengiuc
Producer: Velvet Moraru, Marie Legrand, Rani Massalha, Andrei Cretulescu, Ana Ularu
Production Company: Icon Productions, Les Films du Tambour
Music: Massimiliano Nardulli
Sound: Nicolas Waschkowski, Marius Leftarache, Yann Legay
Distributer: Versatile
Lenght: 119 Min.
Format: DCP
Color: Farbe
Age Limit: <

Alexandru and Sebastian embody the exact opposite of one another: one is a chain-smoking cynic, the other a shy romanticist. But both have something in common: their love for Ioana, Alexandru`s wife. A few weeks after her sudden accidental death, Sebastian, the up to now secret lover, stands unexpectedly in front of Alexandru`s door and seeks consolation. And he makes him a surprising proposal. A bizarre friendship, full of wit and tragedy, begins to develop quite slowly. With its laconic narrative style, the black comedy reminds us somewhat of Jim Jarmusch`s or Kaurismäki`s films and captivates in addition with its weird soundtrack.

  • 18.10.2017 21:00 C1 Saal 4
  • 19.10.2017 21:15 C1 Saal 3
  • 21.10.2017 10:45 C1 Saal 4