(orig. LIBERAMI)


Italy / France 2016
German Premiere
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary
Director: Federica Di Giacomo
Cinematographer: Greta De Lazzaris, Carlo Sisalli
Script: Federica Di Giacomo, Andrea Zvetkov Sanguigni
Editor: Aline Hervè, Edoardo Morabito
Producer: Francesco Virga
Production Company: MIR Cinematografuca, Rai Cinema
Sound: Mariano Blanco, Mirko Cangiamila, Danilo Romancino
Distributer: True Colours
Lenght: 89 Min.
Format: DCP/ProRes
Color: Farbe
Age Limit: <

LIBERA NOS shows authentic and direct pictures of the daily life of three priests, who practise exorcism on the island of Sicily. The director Federica Di Giacomo dispenses without any frills and effects; she places the people and their psyche in the foreground of this fearless documentary. This results in a contrast between medieval and post modern cultural techniques, which confronts the audience with the absurd seriousness of the topic. Without commentary or reservation, the camera sets out to find the answer to a question, which is more likely to be found in psychiatry than in theology. Here belief and disbelief are very close together.

  • 19.10.2017 19:15 C1 Saal 1
  • 21.10.2017 21:00 LOT