Kazakhstan / Germany 2016
Language: Kazakh, Russian
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary
Director: Katerina Suvorova
Cinematographer: Eugen Schlegel
Script: Katerina Suvorova, Johannes Wahlström
Editor: Azamt Altybassov
Music: Eldar Tagi
Producer: Sain Gabdullin, Stephan Grobe, Anna Vilgelmi
Production Company: KINO Company
Sound: Igor Gladky
Distributer: Syndicado
Lenght: 88 Min.
Format: ProRes
Color: Farbe
Age Limit: <

SEA TOMORROW surrounds the Aral Sea. Formerly the fourth biggest inland water in the world, today there are only two smaller lakes left over since the USSR pumped water into its large cotton plantations in the desert. Katarina Suvorova`s brilliant film describes the condition and the possible future of the Sea and of its inhabitants from the point of view of four different people: a farmer, a hydrobiologist, a scrap dealer and a fisherman try to make the best out of the catastrophe. ”The people from the Aral region are a collective image of the last survivers on Earth - when the battle for preservation is lost and the population has set off for new shores”, says director Suvorova.

  • 21.10.2017 19:00 Roter Saal