Germany 2003
Language: German
Subtitles: No Subtitles
Genre: Drama
Director: Christian Petzold
Cinematographer: Hans Fromm
Script: Christian Petzold
Editor: Bettina Böhler
Cast: Benno Fürmann, Nina Hoss, Antje Westermann
Producer: Bettina Reitz
Production Company: TeamWorx GmbH, ZDF
Music: Stephan Will
Sound: Andreas Mücke-Niesytka
Distributer: ZDF Enterprises GmbH
Lenght: 87 Min.
Format: DVD
Color: Farbe
Age Limit: <

A moment of inattention, a dull thud. Philipp, an employee in a car showroom near Wolfsburg, causes an accident, in which a child is injured. He leaves the scene of the crash, the child dies of his injuries. The mother goes looking for the perpetrator, she falls in love with Philipp, without knowing he is guilty. A leaden, taciturn romance develops, over which hangs the Damocles sword of realization, performed with dreamlike clarity by Benno Fürmann and Nina Hoss. In this film about guilt and atonement, Petzold`s images create a mood of peace and concentration, which can deeply move the onlooker, particularly because of their understatement.

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