(orig. PIERCING)


USA 2017
Language: English
Genre: Thriller
Director: Nicolas Pesce
Cinematographer: Zack Galler
Script: Nicolas Pesce nach Ryû Murakami
Editor: Sofía Subercaseaux
Cast: Christopher Abbott, Laia Costa, Olivia Bond
Producer: Antonio Campos, Josh Mond
Production Company: BorderLine Films
Sound: Michael Kurihara
Distributor: Memento Films
Lenght: 81 Min.
Format: DCP
Color: Farbe
Age Limit: <

Reed is a loving family father who says goodbye to his family in an exemplary way. But why does he pack objects into his travel bag that are suitable for killing, and no clothes? Murder is not actually his hobby but clearly gives him a kind of freedom so that afterwards he can play his real role as husband and father. However, his next chosen victim is not willing to play the game according to his rules and so Reed very soon loses control. Inspired by the celebrated novels of Ryû Murakami, Pesce creates a hypnotising blend of psychothriller, comedy and Neo Noir.



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