(orig. ROCKABUL)


Australia / Afghanistan 2018
Language: Dari, English, French, Pashto
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary
Director: Travis Beard
Cinematographer: Travis Beard
Script: Travis Beard, Daniel Fermer
Editor: Travis Beard, Reginald Simek, Craig Goode
Music: Jason Beard aka Major Delay
Producer: Brooke Tia Silcox, Travis Beard, Bridget Callow-Wright
Production Company: No Thing Productions
Sound: Brendan Croxon
Distributor: Monoduo Films
Lenght: 90 Min.
Format: DCP
Color: Farbe
Age Limit: <

Underground rock music gigs in the middle of Kabul! Insights into an unexpected side of Afghanistan which the filmmaker Travis Beard shows in his docu about the only metal band in the country: District Unknown. Beard, who has lived in Kabul for 7 years, met the band in 2009 and has accompanied them with the camera: rehearsals, mainly clandestine performances, daily life - under very difficult conditions and continual threats. For even in Afghanistan after the Taliban, rock music is frequently demonized. So it is impressive to see how the young band members try to follow their path unswervingly – supported by fervent enthusiasts like Travis Beard. Very impressive, not only for metal fans.



  • 07.11.2018 20:45 Universum Saal 2