Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer

(orig. Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer)

  • Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer

Italy, Russia, Sweden 2019Language:RussianSubtitles:EnglishDirector:Andrey A. TarkovskyCinematographer:Alexey NaidenovEditor:Michał Leszczyłowski, Andrey A. TarkovskySound:Saverio DamianiProducer:Andrey A. Tarkovsky, Dmitry Klepatski, Peter Krupenin, Paolo Maria SpinaProduction Company:Andrey Tarkovsky International Institute, Klepatski Production, HOBAB, RevolverDistributor:Syndicado Film Sales97 min, Colour

Over the years, many documentaries have been made about the great cineaste Tarkovsky, but this one, directed by his son and featuring fabulously rare archival footage, must be just about the best. We have had to wait a long time (Tarkovsky died in 1986) but it has definitely been worth it. The film excels on two accounts: first we hear Tarkovsky’s own voice on the sound-track giving expression to his deepest and most lucid thoughts about art and religion. Second, the specially-shot location visuals that accompany the archive extracts have been undertaken with great beauty and care, lending this documentary a wonderful meditative calmness – a harmony between its parts – that is absolutely unusual.

Director's Biography:Andrey A. Tarkovskiy (Moscow 1970) is president of the Andrey Tarkovsky International Institute and dedicates his life to the preservation of his father’s artistic work. His film BASTIGNANO won first prize at the Sabaudia short film festival in 2006.