Guidelines for Accreditation

Accredtitation is open for press and professionals. A proof of qualification will be required.

A. Qualification

The association Internationales Filmfest Braunschweig eV (IFB) accepts accreditation requests only during the official application process. Deadlines and fees apply as stated on IFB may refuse accreditation requests. Press accreditation are free of charge.

B. Media Pass

As qualification proof the following is accepted

  1. upon demonstration of an event article no later than 6 months,
  2. upon demonstration of an imprint listing the applicant as editor, author or jounalist,
  3. upon demonstration of a mandat to cover IFB,
  4. upon demonstration of an web link related to the industry and with a big enough following. 
  5. owner of a national or international press pass of a renown journalistic association.

The simple demonstration of an press pass will not be enough for an accreditation. IFB may request further proof of qualification.
There is no legal claim to receive an accreditation.

C. Industry Pass

Upon demonstration of a proof of qualification professionals from the film, cinema and festival industry, professional freelancers, actors and students of film or media studies are welcome to apply for accreditation.

Once accreditated industry members are eligible to one ticket per event as long as the events do not overlap. Events not organized by IFB are exempted. Tickets are non-transferable. The accreditation fee is 35€ ( for students 25€)

Die Fachbesucher-Akkreditierungen ermöglichen die Teilnahme an allen Veranstaltungen des Filmfestivals. Ausgenommen sind Kooperationsveranstaltungen, bei denen der Verein nicht der Veranstalter ist. Zum Erhalt dieser Akkreditierungen ist die Entrichtung eines Entgeltes i.H.v. 35 Euro oder ermäßigt i.H.v. 25 Euro erforderlich.

D. General Terms and Conditions of Business

The General Terms and Conditions of Business of ITB as well as the Privacy Statement apply. In case of contradictions between the guidelines of accreditation and the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Privacy Statements the General Terms and Conditions of Business and Privacy Statements overrule the guidelines of accreditation.

F. Privacy

In order to be accreditated the storage of personal data is necessary as requested within the online form. We ensure that all personal data is handled sensibly and with care. All personal data collected during accreditation will only be used to conduct the accreditation process. The data is only used internally and will not be passed on to third parties.