School demonstrations

Film screenings for school classes at the 37th BIFF

Registration until 01.11.2023 at: | 0531 702 202 12

Price: 5€ per pupil, free admission for teachers

Venue: ASTOR Filmtheater, Lange Straße 60, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany.

The 37th Braunschweig International Film Festival (BIFF) will take place from November 6 - 12, 2023 and is one of the largest public festivals in Northern Germany with 27,500 visitors annually. Film lovers from all over the world are again looking forward to Young European Cinema, strong documentaries, film concerts, short films, film talks and much more.

During the festival week, BIFF offers special morning screenings for schools in addition to the regular program. Three feature-length films and one short film program cover German, art, ethics, politics, media criticism and film history, among other subjects, and offer an exciting addition to the regular curriculum.

School classes can be registered for one or more of the screenings.
When registering, please let us know how many students and teachers will be attending and which screening(s) you would like to see.

A flyer with information about the school screenings and the individual films can be downloaded here.


Tuesday, Nov. 7, 11:30 a.m, TRAILER

Documentary | Sweden / Denmark 2023 | 88 Min. | Color | Language: German
Director: Axel Danielson & Maximilien Van Aertryck

Recommended for 7th graders and up

Themes: Media criticism, film history, information age, democracy
Subjects: German, Politics, History, Ethics, Art

Photography and film - how the invention of the camera made the world the way it is today is traced in this film with numerous historical shots. At the same time, the focus always remains on the current state of the media.
Clips from past image worlds of trash TV 60 years ago, early war reporting or to expectations that media bring people together worldwide, seem today rather disconcerting to exhilarating. Starting 180 years ago, the subtle arc leads up to a critical look at the attention-driven development of image consumption of Instagram, influencing, streaming or advertising images of today.


Short Film Program - LIFE IS NOT A PONYHOUSE

Wednesday, 8.11., 11:30 a.m.

66 min, language: original versions with English subtitles

Recommended for 10th grade and up

Topics: Bullying, gender roles, escape, film analysis, storytelling, film language
Subjects: art - aspects of film design

Did he really steal something? Thou shalt not kill! Are you gay - or what? "Women's stuff" or "men's stuff"! Why does nobody like me? Somehow everything is not so easy! But the young people in the short films do their best to cope with the difficulties of life.

Short films:
PROMISED LAND - French with English UT
AROUND THE CORNER - Slovenian with English UT
COLLISION - Farsi with English UT
LLODRIGONS - Catalan with English UT
PINA - German
Boys - Swedish with English UT



Thursday, Nov. 09, 11:30 a.m,TRAILER

Coming of Age | Germany 2023 | 87 min. | Language: German
Director: Anika Mätzle, Cast: Eline Doenst, Ted Trube, Sira-Anna Faal, Paul Ahrens

Recommended from 5th grade

Themes: Friendship, class differences, family, first love, LGBTIQ+
Subjects: German, Ethics

13-year-old Jonja and her best friend Paul are inseparable and share everything. Really everything? Without telling her mother, Jonja goes on vacation with Paul's family to the sunny south. The days at the lake are exciting and beautiful. Jonja unexpectedly falls in love and her friendship with Paul becomes even more intense. She enjoys the time away from her everyday family life until the lie is finally exposed and Paul questions her friendship. What secret is Jonja keeping? What's the deal with Melanie? And anyway: what if...? A sensitive, authentic youth film about family problems, class differences, first love and a great friendship.

Afterwards, there will be a film discussion in cooperation with the Verein für sexuelle Emanzipation e.V. (Association for Sexual Emancipation).


Friday, 10.11., 11:30 a.m.

Drama | Sweden 2022 | 102 min. | Language: Arabic with German subtitles
Director: Abbe Hassen, Cast: Jwan Alqatami, Khaled Alqatami, Aliki Andriomenou

Recommended from 6th grade

Themes: Flight, borders, friendship
Subjects: politics, history, ethics, geography

Sam, a 40-year-old human smuggler, is caught in a moment of weakness when he rescues 12-year-old Amal, whose family has disappeared in the Syrian war. She believes her parents are on their way to Sweden and wants to search for them, but first travels to Romania, where her sisters are staying in a shelter for refugees. Sam doesn't want to leave Amal behind alone, and so is drawn into her scheme. "The setting of our story is a tragic no man's land between Europe and Asia, between life and death." A breathtaking drama of two people who, through a fateful concatenation, find themselves in an in-between world invisible to us.