KlimaKinoNacht gets to the bottom of the climate crisis

We will watch the movie EVERYTHING WILL CHANCE together. Afterwards there will be a film talk with the director Marten Persiel.


The climate crisis is omnipresent. People all over the world are already feeling its consequences. What will it look like in the future? Can we still change anything? What will happen if we don't act? And what will happen if we do? The KlimaKinoNacht will get to the bottom of these questions and all those you bring with you. Together we will watch the film EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE by director Marten Persiel. This will be followed by a discussion with him. The film will be shown with subtitles in German. The film discussion will be translated into German sign language.


The KULT is a barrier-free location and is accessible with a wheelchair or other aids via a ramp. The film will be shown with subtitles in German and the film discussion will be translated into German sign language. If you have any questions or specific needs, please contact! Would you like to be there? Admission is free! Simply send an email to to register with your name, number of tickets and age*.

*The age will be requested for the proof of use of the funding by 4Generation. If there is greater demand, preference will be given to people under the age of 27.

To the movie:

EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE tells of the adventurous road trip of three friends who inhabit a sterile, concrete world in the year 2054. When they learn that their planet was once characterized by rich, colourful beauty, they set off on a journey to find answers to their ever-growing questions: "What is giraffe? And why have the animals that used to exist disappeared?" In a mysterious castle, the friends meet ageing scientists and wise poets who are collecting data and memories about the 6th extinction of species in their archive. The search leads to the 2020s - the planet's last, missed opportunity. But their attempt to shake humanity awake and undo what has happened fails miserably. They realize that there is nothing left to save in their world and follow the mysterious clues given to them by an ancient antiques dealer. The friends make one last, daring decision that will change everything...


Key dates:

When? 29.05., 7 pm

Where? The KULT

Who? BIFF, Fridays for Future BS, Students for Future BS / FSJ project / director Marten Persiel

Admission? Free of charge! Registration by e-mail to