(orig. Koekoek!)

  • Cuckoo!

Netherlands 2019Language:DutchSubtitles:EnglishDirector:Jörgen ScholtensWriter:Pepijn van Weeren, Jörgen ScholtensCinematographer:Richard SpieringsEditor:Maarten in 't HoutMusic:Rudy MackaySound:Linze ValkWith:Frank Lammers, Hetty Heyting, Joost PrinsenProducer:Jörgen Scholtens, Jimmy GroeneveldProduction Company:Tonger FilmsDistributor:Eye International7 min, Colour

Absurd comedy about a man who lives in a cuckoo clock. Every full hour, he buckles himself into his ejector seat, shoots out of the clock and screeches “Cuckoo!”. Punctuality is vital – if it was not for the radio quiz …

Director's Biography:Jörgen Scholtens, born 1986 in Leeuwarden, is a Dutch actor and director. In 2018, his film MASTERCLASS was nominated as one of the best films worldwide by the 48hour film project and subsequently shown at Cannes in 2019.