Hot Dog

(orig. Hot Dog)

  • Hot Dog

France 2019Language:No DialogueDirector:Flore Burban, Logan Cameron, Nicolas Diaz, Chloé Raimondo, Hugues ValinWriter:Nicolas Diaz, Hugues ValinMusic:Florian BlavecProducer:Julien DeparisProduction Company:École des Nouvelles ImagesDistributor:Miyu Distribution6 min, Colour

A love-sick dog needs to get across a yard that is under surveillance in order to get to his love. Easier said than done.

Director's Biography:Directors Flore Burban, Logan Cameron, Nicolas Diaz, Chloé Raimondo and Hugues Valin studied 3D Animation at the École des Nouvelles Images in Avignon. HOT DOG is their joint graduation film.