Little Miss Fate

(orig. Little Miss Fate)

  • Little Miss Fate

German PremiereSwitzerland 2020Language:No DialogueDirector:Joder von RotzWriter:Joder von RotzMusic:Philipp SchlotterSound:Noisy Neighbours, Etienne Kompis, Thomas GassmannProducer:Fela Bellotto, Lukas PulverProduction Company:YK Animation Studio GmbHDistributor:YK Animation Studio GmbH8 min, Colour

A turbulent animated film: Little Miss Fate lives in a world driven by destiny. When the opportunity comes along, she takes on the role of the world leader … and loses control.

Director's Biography:Born 1987 in Kerns, Switzerland, Joder von Rotz trained as a draftsman. 2012 he graduated from the technical college in Luzern with a Bachelor of Arts in animation. In 2013, he co-founded the YK Animation Studio in Bern. He works as manager, producer and director.