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Germany 2020Language:GermanSubtitles:EnglishDirector:Lisa Charlotte FriederichWriter:Lisa Charlotte FriederichCinematographer:Ivàn Robles Mendoza, Tom KellerEditor:Florentine Bruck, Lisa Charlotte FriederichMusic:Rike Huy, Joosten ElléeSound:Ana Monte, Daniel DeboyWith:Karoline Marie Reinke, Anton Spieker, Corbinian DellerProducer:Lisa Charlotte Friederich, Rike HuyProduction Company:|li|ke| Filme ProduktionDistributor:UCM.ONE (Artkeim)83 min, Colour

Our world in the near future. Public gatherings are prohibited, encounters with other people and cultural life can be experienced in cyberspace only. In an atmosphere dominated by threat and fear, the siblings Claire and Aurel are planning, against all odds, a clandestine live concert for a physically present audience. When their mother shows up unexpectedly, an age-old conflict erupts, and Claire is faced with an invincible opponent: herself. In the screenplay for her debut film, written in 2016, Lisa Charlotte Friedrich creates a dystopian world in lockdown long before the lockdown became a reality in 2020.

Director's Biography:As artist, actress and director Lisa Charlotte Friedrich is a border crosser who moves between performative musical theatre, classical drama and film. Her film debut LIVE won the first prize at the LICHTER film festival in Frankfurt.

Regional reference:

Trumpet player Rike Huy focuses on contemporary music (i.e. Ensemble Modern), she went on international tour with singer Peaches, for LIVE she acted as producer and composer. She studied in Hanover and worked at the Staatstheater Braunschweig.