Sad Beauty

(orig. Sad Beauty)

  • Sad Beauty

Netherlands 2020Language:EnglishDirector:Arjan BrentjesWriter:Arjan BrentjesMusic:Arjan BrentjesSound:Bob Kommer StudiosProducer:Arjan BrentjesDistributor:Arjan Brentjes10 min, Colour

What will give comfort if humanity causes its own ruin? What will the world look like, if all the beautiful things in nature can only be admired in museums? In Arjan Brentjes’ animated film, “nature regains control in the form of a pandemic”.

Director's Biography:Arjan Brentjes is a painter who has dedicated himself to filmmaking in 2008. Since 2010, he focusses on short films and often uses classical film styles for a cinematic glance into the future.