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    Nora Somaini

Germany 2021Language:GermanDirector:Nora SomainiWriter:Nora SomainiMusic:Friedrich GattermannWith:Simon Latzer, Daria Bak, Alina Konienczny, Paula Wiesmann, Julia Suzanne Buchmann, Omar Shaker, Benjamin KaygunProducer:Titus GeorgiDistributor:Nora Somaini (Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover)93 min, Colour

Siblings Katharina and Tobias have a car accident on their way back from a club, slightly drunk. Injured and confused, they hide, are found - and cared for. Here they suddenly experience a completely new life - in harmony with themselves, their fellow human beings and nature. The people on whose help they depend lead their lives with simple means and do not put themselves above others. A dream - is this the moment to step out of the familiar everyday life? Meanwhile, police officer Tamara tries everything to find the disappeared. The new colleague from Berlin is no help, and the pressure on the young woman is growing ... Filmed with students of the HMTMH.
Link to the region: Work of the 4th university course for acting at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media (HMTMH). 

Director's Biography:Nora Somaini, born 1968 in Locarno, is a trained actress and theatre director. She combines the balancing act between Lee Strasberg's and Einar Schleef's methods in her work. She has been a professor at the HMTMH since 2007.

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