THE ORDINARIES (Schulvorführung)

(orig. )

  • THE ORDINARIES (Schulvorführung)

2022Cinematographer:Valentin SelmkeEditor:Kai EiermannMusic:Fabian ZeidlerSound:Nicolas VoßProduction Company:BandenfilmDistributor:Notsold/Port au Prince Pictures

FSK 12


recommended from 9th grade



A world of class society, divided into main characters, supporting characters and outtakes: Here Paula faces her biggest test: to prove that she has what it takes to be a main character. Paula wants a glamorous life with her own storyline - not like her mother, who works as a supporting character in the background. Paula has mastered cliff hanging, slow motion and panicked screaming - she just can't manage music. In search of solutions, she encounters contradictions to her father's death and

finds herself on the fringes of society. And suddenly she begins to doubt the story.



Themes: Exclusion, origin, identity, discrimination, class society, heroine's journey, dystopia, film genres



  • 11.11.2022 11:30 ASTOR Saal 2