The Story of Plastic

(orig. The Story of Plastic)

  • The Story of Plastic

German PremiereUnited States, Belgium, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines 2019Language:EnglishSubtitles:German, EnglishDirector:Deia SchlosbergWriter:Brian Wilson, Tony Hale, Deia Schlosberg, Stiv WilsonCinematographer:Melissa Lesh, Deia SchlosbergEditor:Tony Hale, Brian WilsonMusic:Mike McCready, Cody WestheimerSound:Eric MilanoProducer:Megan Ponder, Stiv Wilson, Miranda Fox, Kyle CadotteProduction Company:Pale Blue Dot MediaDistributor:Outcast Films95 min, Colour

Schlosberg’s film is a haunting investigation of the disastrous liaisons between the petroleum industry, the oil price, gas fracking, and the packaging industry’s obsession with growth. Already in 1954, the organization “Keep America Beautiful” was founded, supposedly to fight pollution. The 1970’s saw the advent of unfunded recycling programs, set up to create an eco-friendly image and to legitimate the production of plastic. Striking drone pictures, rare archival footage, and revealing input from a multitude of insiders, among them activists and scientists, uncover the immense problems but also point at attempted solutions such as the zero-waste initiative in the Philippines.

Director's Biography:As documentary filmmaker and activist, Deia Schlosberg keeps records of campaigns and protests. During the Keystone pipeline protests, she risked a 45-year long prison sentence. THE STORY OF PLASTIC is her first feature-length documentary.