(orig. HET SMELT)

  • WHEN IT MELTSVeerle Baetens
    Veerle Baetens

German PremiereBelgium, Netherlands 2023Language:FlemishSubtitles:GermanDirector:Veerle BaetensWriter:Veerle Baetens, Maarten Loix based on the novel "The Melting" by Lize SpitCinematographer:Frederic Van ZandyckeEditor:Thomas PootersSound:Geert VlegelsWith:Rosa Marchant, Charlotte Van Der Eecken, Amber Metdepenningen, Matthijs Meertens, Anthony VytProducer:Bart Van LangendonckProduction Company:Savage FilmDistributor:The Party Film Sales111 min, Colour

Eva is a reserved young woman who is unable to have a relationship. Little by little, the story of her childhood is revealed: Flashbacks (young Eva is played superbly by Rosa Marchant) show the merciless relationships of teenagers among one another, Eva's struggle for acceptance, and the comprehension of physical changes. But Eva is alone with all her problems. She experiences only rejection from her mother, and her father is powerless against his alcoholic wife.

The book by Lize Spit, which is also available in German, was adapted into a screenplay after many years of work. The result is a film that mercilessly shows the cruelty of childish egocentricity and continues to resonate for a long time.

Director's Biography:Veerle Baetens premiered her directorial debut WHEN IT MELTS at the Sundance Film Festival. She is previously known as an actress and singer. For the role of Elise in THE BROKEN CIRCLE she won the European Film Award for Best Actress in 2013.



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