(orig. DARK EDEN)


Germany 2018
Language: English, German
Subtitles: German
Genre: Documentary
Director: Jasmin Herold / Michael Beamish
Cinematographer: Andreas Köhler
Script: Jasmin Herold, Michael Beamish
Editor: Martin Kayser-Landwehr
Music: Markus Aust
Producer: Melanie Andernach, Knut Losen
Production Company: Made in Germany Filmproduktion
Distributor: W-film
Lenght: 80 Min.
Format: Blu-ray
Color: Farbe
Age Limit: <

Picture by W-film-Andreas Köhler. Fort McMurray is centre for the tar extraction in the Canadian province of Alberta. The oil produced there counts as the ”dirtiest” in the world, as the extraction of the heavy oil out of the sand requires enormous open pit mines and produces large amounts of toxic waste material. The director Jasmin Herold portrays people who live there from and with the tar sand production and its consequences. This ranges from the tar sand lobbyist Robbie to the co-director Michael David Beamish, who rans a theatre in the town. A forest fire questions the livelihoods of those concerned. DARK EDEN is a moving and visually impressive documentation and shows the contradictions of the way we live today.


  • 09.11.2018 19:00 Roter Saal