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  • ME, WE

Austria 2020Language:GermanDirector:David Clay DiazWriter:David Clay Diaz, Senad HalibasicCinematographer:Julian KrubasikEditor:Lisa Zoe GeretschlägerSound:Michael ZachhuberWith:Lukas Miko, Verena Altenberger, Barbara Romaner, Alexander Srtschin, Mehdi Meskar, Anton Noori, Wonderful Idowu, Bagher Ahmadi, Peter Strauss, Raphael von BargenProducer:Bruno Wagner, Antonin Svoboda, Barbara AlbertProduction Company:coop99 FilmproduktionDistributor:coop99 Filmproduktion118 min, Colour

ME, WE is dedicated to the refugee crisis from a perspective that has hardly been presented on film before: from the point of view of Europeans. Four stories of four different people in Austria are told, who enthusiastically work to help refugees and asylum seekers, but ultimately fail and cause even greater problems with their willingness to help. These cases, based on true events, are told here in four episodes running parallel to each other in an exciting way that shakes people up and makes them think. An enlightening film that is definitely worth seeing.

Alexander Srtschin is nominated for the Braunschweig Film Award for her portrayal of Marcel.

Recommended for ages 12+

Director's Biography:Born in 1989 in Asuncion, Paraguay. Grew up in Vienna. Studied directing at the University of Television and Film, Munich. Graduated from Wagner College, N. Y. Premiere of the diploma film AGONIE at the Berlinale 2016. ME, WE is his second feature film.

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