(orig. QUEER/CUT)


Beginning with ALL THOSE SENSATIONS IN MY BELLY, a colourful rainbow spans right through the LGBTIQ universe to the Colombian SON OF SODOM, a documentary that, despite its dangerous title, also conveys surprisingly sensitive and touching moments. In the typical culmination of the short film, the whole range of human emotions is brought into focus and excitingly examined in mini-feature film, documentary and animation. In addition to humorous observations, conflicts also emerge, the protagonists come to painful realisations or make difficult decisions. This year the film festival, in cooperation with the Association for Sexual Emancipation, the Queer Network Lower Saxony and the Lower Saxony Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Equality, will award the Queer Film Prize Lower Saxony to one of the short films from the Queer/Cut Programme. The winning film will be decided by the vote of the audience.


  • 03.11.2021 18:30 UNIVERSUM 2