(orig. VENUS)


Canada 2017
Language: English
Subtitles: German
Genre: Comedy, Family Drama
Director: Eisha Marjara
Cinematographer: Mark Ellam
Script: Eisha Marjara
Editor: Mathieu Bouchard-Malo
Cast: Debargo Sanyal, Jamie Mayers, Pierre-Yves Cardinal
Producer: Joe Balass
Production Company: Compass Productions
Music: Patrice Dubuc, Gaëtan Gravel
Sound: Sylvain Bellemare
Distributor: Pro-Fun Media
Lenght: 95 Min.
Format: DCP
Color: Farbe
Age Limit: <

Sid is being pressured by his Indian family to marry and start a family. When he finally finds the courage to live as a woman, 14-year-old Ralph turns up and announces that Sid is his dad. While he is surprised that his father is a woman, he still finds a trans-gender parent pretty cool. Sid has to think about this new situation and share this news not only with her parents but also with the love of her life. She quickly finds out that not only her own transition is complicated. Family is anything but easy. VENUS concentrates entertainingly on the dynamics of gender identity within family and love relationships.



  • 10.11.2018 21:00 Universum Saal 2