BIFF crew at the Berlinale

Our festival directors have brought back their personal highlights from their trip to the Berlinale.

BIFF crew at the Nordmedia reception.

Karina Gauerhof and Anke Hagenbüchner-Sobiech at the Queer Media Society reception

This year, the BIFF team was once again on the road at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The 74th Berlinale takes place until February 25 and marks the start of the coming festival year for the BIFF. Friday got off to a lively start: under the motto "ON in OFF", new film projects and exciting people were presented at the Nordmedia reception. This was followed by networking, reuniting with filmmakers who have attended the BIFF in previous years and celebrating in style.

Our two festival directors Anke and Karina brought back their personal highlights from their trip to Berlin.

Karina Gauerhof

Film favorite:

MY FAVOURITE CAKE by Maryam Moghaddam & Behtash Sanaeeha
"It's a wonderfully told love story about love and falling in love with an elderly couple from Iran. Laughter and tears were so close together."


Favorite moment:

"Carlo Sironi was a guest at our BIFF in 2019 with his debut film SOLE - a very beautiful film in the main competition. It was great to meet him again after the Q&A for his second work MY SUMMER WITH IRÈNE, to talk to him and find out more about his latest project. He remembers our film festival very well. The film festival thrives on such encounters."


Anke Hagenbüchner-Sobiech

Film favorite 1:

"I remember this movie above all for its extraordinary sound. Kristen Stewart and Katy O'Brian are excellent actors. But beware - not for the faint-hearted!"


Movie favorite 2:

STERBEN by Matthias Glasner
"This movie is 3 hours long and yet totally entertaining. Among other things, Lars Eidinger, in his role as "Tom", composes a piece called "Dying" with his depressive friend. The subject of death is treated seriously on the one hand, but also humorously on the other. I had tears in my eyes - from laughing, but also from emotion."