An "overwhelming" city tour with A WALL IS A SCREEN

Last Saturday, October 21, the city center came to life as more than 800 people, together with the artist collective A WALL IS A SCREEN, paraded through Braunschweig and experienced the streets transform into a vibrant cinema.

Photo: Carisma

Photo: Carisma

Photo: Carisma

"It was a wonderful evening and we are overwhelmed by the number of spectators who showed up. We are thrilled that everything went so well and our site-specific projections worked," reflected Sarah Adam of A WALL IS A SCREEN on a successful evening. The Braunschweig International Film Festival (BIFF), with its main sponsor Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS), brought the artist collective to the city, which invited the audience to a cinematic city tour through the city center of Braunschweig on Saturday evening. Without knowing the selection of films or the route, at least 800 Braunschweig residents followed the invitation to the meeting point at the Ringerbrunnen. From there, the performers took the audience on an urban adventure to other locations in the city center.


"Most people have certainly never experienced Braunschweig like this"


The original idea of the urban movie night arose from the observation of how German city centers gradually evolved from lively centers of everyday life to busy and commercial trading places. The artists recognized how the streets emptied after closing time and fell into a depressing silence. However, on the previous evening, this "pause" was undoubtedly filled with pulsating energy and liveliness.


From the narrow and dark courtyard of the Kleine Burg to the town hall square, which was rarely so filled, various locations in Braunschweig were visited, all of which were incorporated into the concept of the film tour. "We hope to offer new perspectives on the city because most people have certainly never experienced Braunschweig like this," emphasized Peter Haueis of A WALL IS A SCREEN beforehand. At each location, a projector was swiftly set up to play a short film specially selected for the location on a house wall. It often happened that the location and the film merged perfectly, giving the impression that the film had been shot specifically for that place.


Influencer Jacqueline Martel (jacqueline.vida) was also excited about the urban movie night, taking her followers on the short film tour: "It's great that so many people participated in the event. It was really something special to walk from place to place with all the people and watch the beautiful short films. A WALL IS A SCREEN is a great concept, and it's especially cool for the city to experience something like this here." "This evening once again showed how easy it can be to bring hundreds of people together with a great concept, all enjoying the same thing. It was a real big-city feeling," added influencer colleague Adina Eggert (classysimple).


The 37th Braunschweig International Film Festival is on the starting blocks


The collaboration with A WALL IS A SCREEN fell right in the middle of the hot preparation phase of the 37th Braunschweig International Film Festival and was meant to give the people of Braunschweig a taste of the numerous film experiences during the BIFF. "The atmosphere was great, people were excited about the event and celebrated with us. Fortunately, the weather also played along. We are even more looking forward to the festival week now," outlined co-festival director Karina Gauerhof at the end of the evening. The Braunschweig International Film Festival kicks off on November 6 with the opening film concert for Michael Dudok de Wit's THE RED TURTLE. For the first time, the music by Laurent Perez Del Mar, awarded by the "International Film Music Critics Association," will be performed live to the film, accompanied by the Staatsorchester Braunschweig. Following that, festivalgoers can expect a one-week film festival with highlights from all genres, as well as a rich accompanying program.