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Luxembourg 2020Language:EnglishDirector:Nicolas NeuholdWriter:Nicolas NeuholdCinematographer:Vitalijus KiseliusMusic:Kristo CipaSound:Kenzo Chale, Capucine CourauWith:Maximilien Jadin, Adrien Papritz, Denis Jousselin, Oscar Garcia Martin, Philip Dutton, Francesco Mamino, Timothy Lone, Gen Shimaoka, Yusuke Yamasaki, Vince Drews, Gilbert Johnston, Ange Philippe Ugolini, Ambri MatajProducer:Jesus Gonzalez14 min, Colour

In 1921, a Luxembourgish cartographer visited Albania, preparing the border for the newly independent country. He went on to take part in the chaotic Paris conference of Ambassadors, where an observation he made would change the outcome of the diplomatic gathering.