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Germany 2020Language:EnglishSubtitles:GermanDirector:Tim Olcay, Paul Hilgedieck, Rilana NitschWriter:Tim Olcay, Rilana Nitsch, Paul HilgedieckProducer:Tim Olcay, Rilana Nitsch, Paul Hilgedieck15 min, Colour

Jack and June is the story of a strong minded, witty couple struggling to keep their long term relationship alive - stuck in their PJ’s for one too many movie nights, what starts off as a tense, dull evening, soon evolves into a spectacular, imaginary journey of rediscovering who they really are and what was long lost: their loving spark.

Let’s be honest: “It can be hard sometimes”, constantly getting trapped in the same old fights, misperceptions and one failed attempt of communication after another. Jack knows that all too well and struggles to meet what he interprets as June’s way too high expectations of him. June on the other side is perfectly aware that their troubles are bigger than their daily routines. As the pair lose sight of themselves and each other, even the former most passionate moments in their relationship are seemingly on the brink of falling apart. Breaking the fourth wall repeatedly both Jack and June try eagerly to win the viewer over.

During an almost magical night, the boundaries between reality and fantasy begin to seamlessly merge. Suddenly Jack and June discover themselves on an action-packed mission, fighting side by side for their love.