THE PHOENIX (Schulvorführung)

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  • THE PHOENIX (Schulvorführung)

United States 2022Language:EnglishSubtitles:EnglishDirector:Regina PigsleyWriter:Regina PigsleyCinematographer:Carlos GonzalezEditor:Daniele DiazMusic:Jan Willem De WithWith:Audrina Miranda, Liza Stephanian, Mike Ward, Danielle MercadoProducer:Melody Carey, Jack BerkenfieldDistributor:Regina Pigsley15 min, Colour

Inside a working class home in 90’s America, eight year old Charlie wants nothing more than to be a superhero. Her overworked parents are drifting apart, and their arguments just keep getting worse. Charlie’s only escape is her dream of being super. Eventually, the toxicity around the house boils over, and Charlie watches as her mother throws a frying pan at her father. BAM! Charlie freezes time, her arms outstretched in a gesture of protest. She has finally unlocked her super power! Instinctively, Charlie discovers that she can not only stop time, but turn it back. Immediately, Charlie turns back time just before her parents’ most recent fight and tries to avert it through her innocent, eight year old diplomacy.
What unfolds is Charlie’s growth to realizing that her powers may not be the solution to solving the problems of her broken home, but rather the answer to finding her strength to rise above hardship that lies within herself.