YOUR BAD ANIMALS (Schulvorführung)

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  • YOUR BAD ANIMALS (Schulvorführung)

Israel 2022Language:Invented languageSubtitles:EnglishDirector:Ido Shapira, Amit CohenWriter:Ido Shapira, Amit CohenMusic:Ori KadishaySound:Ori KadishayWith:Noam Achdut, Ori Kadishay (Voices)Producer:Ido ShapiraDistributor:Ido Shapira12 min, Colour

Rachel, rebellious young mouse, lives alone with her depressive mother in a burrow. Her only connection to the outside world is a Tinder like app, where she can watch the animals living in the city above her. When Rachel's phone drowns in a bath after a masturbation accident, Rachel unexpectedly embarks on a journey where she goes out with the most dangerous animals in town, against her controlling mother's wishes. She dates with a charismatic giraffe, a seductive tiger, and finally, with a pleasant rabbit. Rachel will discover that the outside world is not what she expected, and will find new compassion in her relationship with her mother.