Queerer Filmpreis ECHT


With the new queer film award ECHT, the BIFF honors in cooperation
with the Verein für sexuelle Emanzipation e.V. (Association for Sexual Emancipation),
bisexual, gay, trans*, inter and queer filmmaking.

The jury prize is endowed with 2,500 euros and is sponsored by the VSE e.V., financed with funds from the Queeres Netzwerk Niedersachsen.

The Winners:


Sweden, Norway 2022, 87 min, colour, directed by Christoffer Sandler.

Everything is going wrong in 18-year-old Joanna's life right now: she has run out of ADHD tablets and is desperately trying to get money for new ones. She is bullied at school and her depressive father won't get off the couch - not even to visit her mother's grave. Against the growing storm in her head, she goes swimming - even without paying admission. There she meets Audrey - and everything changes. The film accompanies Joanna through her complicated life, showing situational comedy, but also depth, without ever becoming pathetic. This is mainly due to Niki Hanseblad, the charismatic actress of Joanna, who radiates combative optimism.

Biography Director: Christoffer Sandler is a Swedish writer, producer and director. He has worked on various "coming of age" TV series. His first feature film SO DAMN EASY GOING was among others the opening film of the Gothenburg Film Festival and nominated for several awards.



"Lesbian love as a haven of peace for a troubled main character. How rarely have we been told it like this? In So Damn Easy Going, teenage Joanna not only struggles with growing up, but also has to deal with her ADHD. When her depressive father is unable to finance her medication and the daily necessities of life in the meantime, she gets into trouble. Also because no one is supposed to know about her precarious situation - especially not her love interest Audrey.
The screenwriters Lina Åström, Jessika Jankert and Linda-Maria Birbeck as well as co-writer and director Christoffer Sandler with their wonderful youth cast have not made it an arthouse drama, but a young, mainstream arthouse dramedy. With the award for this film we want to set an example for casual storytelling of
multi-layered, queer characters who are not defined EXCLUSIVELY by their sexual orientation or gender identity."

Special Mention for MY EMPTINESS AND I

"While there are now a multitude of films telling stories about trans* people, trans* lead actress Raphaëlle Pérez was directly involved in the script for "My Emptiness and I" and thus helped determine the telling of her own story from the very beginning. This resulted in a film that does not serve a classic narrative about trans* people, but at the same time addresses issues that many who live outside the gender norm are familiar with. Raphi is primarily concerned with the question of how far she wants or has to adapt her body to the norm in order to have a fulfilling relationship, for example. There is always the question of what makes a woman a woman.
makes a woman a woman. We dedicate a special mention to "My Emptiness and I" because the film accompanies the main character Raphi in a process that does not primarily show a gender transition, but rather critically reflects the process of a seemingly apolitical life into public visibility in society."


The jury 2022

Robin Ivy Osterkamp

Robin Ivy Osterkamp (no pronoun) is a speaker for trans* and non-binary topics at the Trans* Centre of the Queer Network of Lower Saxony, a research assistant at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Hanover and an honorary board member of the Trans* Association.

Nadine Wrietz

The Berlin actress has been in front of the camera since she was 11. She was a member of the ensemble at the renowned "Theater Strahl" for several years and has appeared in over 100 different cinema and TV productions over the past 35 years. Her portrayal of the self-sacrificing mother "Betty" in "DIESES BESCHEUERTE HERZ" was particularly well received by critics and audiences. Nadine Wrietz is a member of the German Film Academy and was part of the "Actout" initiative in 2021. She lives with her wife and child in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Kai S. Pieck

Kai S. Pieck is an award-winning director and writer for film/TV/streaming, event and stage. In 2018 he initiated the Queer Media Society, an initiative of queer media professionals to make visible and represent queer content and people in the media.

2021: Girlsboymix

Directed by: Lara Aerts, Netherlands 2020, 7 min


Why is it so important to be a boy or a girl? Wen Long explains quite naturally and openly that Wen Long was born as an intersex child. The nine-year-old child wears both "boy" and "girl" clothes and plays with toys that are attributed to both of these genders. The only problem is that others don't know what to make of it. People say, "If you're a boy and a girl at the same time, you're basically nothing." Wen Long is not interested in making a decision, but just wants to be Wen Long. This insightful, playful documentary shows how absurd the imposed binary gender division really is. Clothes, toys, washrooms - everything is strictly separated. The social taboo of intersexuality leads to problems. A typical example is the fact that Wen Long's teacher considers the topic unsuitable for children, although it is a completely natural phenomenon that also occurs in the animal kingdom. So why is it strange for humans?





Director: Levan Akin, Georgia, Sweden, 105 min

Merab has lived for Georgian dance since his early youth and trains with his partner Mary in the National Ensemble of Tbilisi. Apart from daily ballet lessons and occasional dates with Mary, he has hardly any time for himself, especially when he has to take care of his chaotic brother. But his world falls apart when the charismatic Irakli joins the ensemble. Not only does he become Merab's biggest rival for a permanent position, but he also awakens Merab’s sexual desire. Levan Akin develops the story in a field of tension of hardness and devotion, passion and mercilessness against the background of a society marked by homophobia.

The Jury 2019

Edith Ahmann

Chief executive of the Women's and Girls' Health Centre in the region of Hannover, speaker on the topics of trans*- and intersexuality, the human body, health, resilience and self-care.

Lucie Veith

Inter*-network coordinator in Lower Saxony and on the board of its state association for intersexuality. She also directs the human rights work of the Federal Association of Intersexual People.

Mirja Janine Sachs

Member of the board of the Queer Network Lower Saxony for the sector of trans* and head of the support group Trans*parenz in Hannover.

Christopher Kühne

Member of the programme department of the 23rd edition of Perlen – Queer Film Festival in Hannover. He is involved in the enquiry, selection and ordering of feature films and short films, graphics and layout.

Jan Künemund

A media scholar, film journalist and curator. He has worked for Spiegel Online, Freitag, Taz and Filmdienst. Wrote a dissertation about Queer Cinema. Part of the selectionpanel for the Filmweek Duisburg since 2019 and an advisorfor the Berlinale-Forum.

2018: NINA

Olga Chajdas, Polen 2018, 130 Min.

Nina and Wojtek are a mismatched couple looking for a suitable surrogate mother for the child they hope will save their relationship. One day they both meet Magda and it seems they have found the ideal candidate. Things get more complicated, when Nina suddenly feels attracted to Magda. Nina is a story about an unexpected, difficult love and complicated decisions, in which winners and losers are on the same side and where the world is not divided into good and evil or hetero- and homosexuals. This perfect film debut paints a sensitive portrait of a strong but confused woman, trapped in her role as wife and daughter.

The Jury 2018

Responsible advisor for the interests as well as the acceptance and support of LSBTI*.
Lower Saxonian Ministry for Social Matters, Health and Equality.

Perlen Team in Hanover; participation in the request for, and selecting and ordering of feature films and short films graphics and layout.

State coordinator in the QNN for MOSAIK Health - a project for lesbian, bisexual and queer women* in Lower Saxony.

Olsdal is Bassist of the alternative rock band Placebo and speaks up for the LGBTQI* community. In all countries (even where beeing different becomes a problem), he plays the bass guitar, which he has painted in the Rainbow colours.

Has been the state coordinator at TiN | Trans* in Lower Saxony since September 2017. In addition, she is actively engaged in voluntary activity for varous trans* connections.

Network coordinator for the interests of intersexual people in Lower Saxony, Inter* and human rights activist; in 2017 she was given the national award of the Federal Antidiscrimination Centre. Lucie Veith lives and works in Schortens-Grafschaft in Friesia.