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  • BABA

German PremiereNetherlands 2020Language:Dutch, TurkishSubtitles:EnglishDirector:Lisa Konno, Sarah Blok15 min, Colour

Ceylan Utlu moved from Turkey to The Netherlands forty years ago to provide his left-wing ideology with western knowledge. After having had the education he wanted, he would go back to make himself useful to his own country. His half-Turkish half-Dutch daughter wonders why things didn’t go the way her dad planned it and asks him about immigration, integration, relationships, and loneliness.
As both father and daughter consciously do not talk about everything, gaps arise in the portrait. These gaps are filled with stylised scenes that tell a story by themselves. The combination of designed elements and documentary makes BABA a 14 minute surrealistic portrait with a light-hearted tone that fits the main character. Second film in a series of documentary shorts, where design is combined with film to shift the focus in the debate around immigration. The first film in this series was NOBU(2018).